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How does Lula.Cleaning improve cleaning management? [IdoBooking webinar video]

Do you manage flats, run short-term rentals or have a cleaning company? Keeping an eye on the whole process of cleaning your flats, communicating with your employees or keeping an eye on check-outs keeps you up at night? If so, be sure to watch the webinar recording.

Lula cleaning webinar - Lula cleaning webinar

We will face the daily frustrations of hosts. - verifying calendars, checking guests' departures, the language barrier, checking the quality of the work done or answering the same questions over and over again. We will show you how you can overcome these challenges with Lula.Cleaning.


  • How to display all bookings in one view regardless of the booking system?
  • How to implement savings of up to several tens of hours per month?
  • How to save several thousand PLN in handling costs?
  • How to assign tasks to cleaners with one click?
  • How to conveniently settle accounts with employees and contractors thanks to reports?
  • How to monitor defects and their repairs?
  • How to keep up to date with the progress of cleaning work?
  • How to maintain quality with checklists?

Webinar in polish.

The webinar will be hosted by Michal Borychowski - has been involved in the short-term rental industry since 2009. Founder of the largest Polish discussion group on Facebook Short-term Rentals, where hosts help each other. Organiser of cyclical 'Short-term conferences'. Professionally connected with the IT industry all the time. The application Lula.Cleaning was created out of a real need to streamline processes related to delegating cleaning.

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