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New tourism trends for 2023. Find out what visitors will be guided by when looking for accommodation

Check the top 5 tourism trends for 2023 and match your offer to get the most bookings. The first year without pandemic travel restrictions is behind us - check out which travel habits have changed irrevocably and which are back in favour.

New tourism trends 2023

Combining work and travel

Although we can safely return to the office, remote working has made its way into companies for good. Greater flexibility in relation to time and place of work is the norm in many businesses. Employees are keen to take advantage of these options, combining their work duties with travel. We see two travel trends here. Where you only need a laptop and the internet to carry out your profession, more and more people are combining work with travel to another city or country. Once their duties are done, they spend time exploring new places and meeting people. When looking for accommodation, they are sure to look out for a fast internet connection and the presence of a desk and chair in the room.

The second trend is to extend business trips by a few days of leave. After a business trip, employees take a few extra days off to relax or explore the area. If you show them that the location they are staying in is worth seeing, they will be happy to extend their business trip into a private holiday.


Every year, the environmental problems of our globe become an important topic. This case is particularly close to the younger generation. This direction in the accommodation industry can be approached in several ways. Firstly, reduce pollution. As a property owner, boast that you take care to separate rubbish, save water and energy, reduce the presence of plastic and do not waste food. By doing so, you are sure to win the heart of many a person who cares about the fate of the planet.

The second trend is the desire to be close to nature. If, for example, you don't have a house with a picturesque view of a lake, nothing is lost. Opt for a unique interior - furniture made of natural materials, large, airtight windows and plants. If there's often smog in the city, an in-room air purifier may be the point that persuades guests to choose your accommodation.

Experience-oriented travel

Attractions that are repetitive and artificially prepared for tourists are becoming a thing of the past. In 2023, the tourist trend will be towards experience-oriented travel. When going to a foreign country, visitors will want to see what life is really like there - what the locals eat and drink on a daily basis, as well as how they work and play. The desire to sample the local cuisine, beverages or buy handicrafts will interest tourists more than a tour from behind a bus window.

However, the 'experience' itself is understood in two ways. It is also a desire to do or try something new or to learn more skills. Cooking or meditation courses will become popular, as well as cycling expeditions, canoeing or extreme survival. Remember that you don't always need big things, sometimes an interesting story is enough to entice tourists to visit the place you offer.

Spontaneity of booking

Although as tourists we no longer have to keep track of the strictures, the greater spontaneity of booking remains. Flexibility in work matters means that a decision to go can be made days before. In addition to this, visitors are increasingly booking holidays six months in advance and spending less time in one place.

Tourists want to get the maximum benefit from every trip, to see and feel as much as possible. This travel trend, poses considerable challenges to the daily work of those in the accommodation industry. The more frequent exchange of guests, booking and serving travellers at the same time, necessitates a change of old habits.

Multi-generational trips

After a difficult period when most of us had to be isolated from loved ones, it is time to be together again. The fifth tourism trend is multi-generational trips. Instead of sitting at home with the family, we take them on a trip with us. Such trips do not only involve immediate family members, but often grandparents or cousins as well. From year to year, family life changes - some people leave for work or study in another city or country, and housing conditions do not allow for multi-person get-togethers.

This is why joint trips are so popular. If a property offers a sufficient number of rooms or cottages in which the family can be comfortably spread out, it has the chance and more such bookings. Also, important will be the activities and meals, which will please people of all ages.

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