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Summary of 2022 in the travel industry according to IdoBooking

The first post-pandemic year in which the accommodation industry was unaffected by the COVID-19 outbreak is behind us, but it was not an easy time - new problems were on the horizon: the war in Ukraine, rising prices for products and services and the energy crisis. On the other hand, tourists, after two years of isolation, dreamed of nothing but a successful holiday. Despite the difficulties, can we declare the past year a revival of the tourism industry? IdoBooking's figures show that yes.

Summary 2022


During the pandemic, which lasted two years, restrictions were repeatedly imposed on the accommodation and tourism industry, preventing it from welcoming guests and actually doing business. In 2021, many establishments, especially those offering individual flats for short-term rental, had to change their previous plans. Some apartments were leased out for years, sold or put under the management of specialist companies. Fortunately, 2022 brought change, which manifested itself in an increase in the number of IdoBooking panels of up to 68% (y/y).

The value of all IdoBooking customer bookings, compared to 2021, increased by as much as 61% and the number of bookings by 45%. This clearly shows that tourists went on holiday again last year. Normally, the highest number of bookings are made during the holidays. They are also the longest in these months. The average length of stay this year was 3.02 days. This increased to 3.49 days in July and 3.31 in August. The shortest bookings are made with the blanket of the year - 2.62 in November and 2.54 days in December. There is also a year-on-year increase in the average order value. In 2021 it was 800 PLN, while in 2022 it rose to 886 PLN.




Payment methods for bookings

IdoPay is the payment system built into the IdoBooking booking system. It offers BLIK, fast transfer and credit card payments, either when ordering directly through the website or generating a special email at the accommodation facility. The number of transactions made through the system has increased by 45% compared to 2021. BLIK was the most popular payment method in 2022, overtaking fast transfers, which were number one in 2021. In Poland, relatively few guests booking online choose to transfer funds using a payment card, which is popular with foreigners.

Booking sources

When booking using the booking engine on a hotel, guesthouse or flat group's website, guests are increasingly opting for a mobile phone instead of a computer. However, the difference is small compared to the e-commerce industry. This is most likely due to the longer decision-making process associated with going on holiday.



In 2022, the guests of Polish accommodation facilities were most often our compatriots, accounting for more than half of the customers. The Polish coast was favoured by Germans, being the most numerous group of foreigners visiting our country. The situation beyond our eastern border resulted in a significant increase in visitors from Ukraine at accommodation facilities. This was followed by the British, Lithuanians, Czechs, Belarussians, Americans, Dutch and French. Rising costs and the just-ended pandemic caused Poles to choose more domestic travel than foreign travel this year.


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