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For the second consecutive year, we have become a preferred Airbnb partner

Another year of hard work is behind us, which has resulted in winning the title of Airbnb's preferred partner for the second time. Once again, we are the only Polish service with a Channel Manager tool on the list of the world's best booking systems.

Global booking portals such as Airbnb or place importance not only on the quality of the properties and the way they are contacted on their sites, but also on who they work with. Not every system can build an integration with such platforms, as they have strict guidelines on how they work. That's not all - Channel Manager tools are reviewed throughout the collaboration.

For Airbnb, many aspects of the connection are checked. The quality of integration is always a key consideration. This involves keeping delays in data synchronisation, which could lead to overbooking, to an absolute minimum. Another criterion is the speed with which new properties and rooms can be connected within Channel Manager, as well as the regular introduction of new features. Working closely with Airbnb also means prioritising requests from IdoBooking in the portal's technical department.

The list of booking systems that have achieved Airbnb preferred partner status is extremely short. It counts 30 Channel Manager providers from around the world in 2023, and IdoBooking is among them.

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