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For the fifth time, we have been awarded the Premier Connectivity Partner

The IdoBooking booking system has once again distinguished itself with excellent integration with for the fifth consecutive year, earning us the title of Premier Connectivity Partner. Our customers can rest assured - no overbooking is threatening them.

Channel Manager is one of the essential multi-channel sales tools for flat managers and owners of guesthouses, cottages or hotel managers. The key to choosing the right system should be the quality of integration with booking services. It is this that guarantees that there is no duplication of bookings, that new facilities can be connected instantly and that all the necessary functionalities provided by the portals can be implemented smoothly.

This year we were awarded preferred Airbnb partner status for the second time, and now another, the fifth Premier Connectivity Partner badge from IdoBooking has held this rank continuously since 2019. Systems with partnerships are graded into three groups - Standard, Advanced and Premium. The criterion for division is related to the quality and sophistication of the connection built. IdoBooking belongs among the best partners. every year sets new goals that the system must meet to achieve Premier Connectivity Partner status. This ensures that not only new, but above all key features running on the portal sites are introduced to Channel Manager. also takes care to verify the speed and correctness of the data transferred from the connected system.

In this way, IdoBooking's customers can rest assured, as there is no risk of overbooking.

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