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Due to the introduction of card payment processing directly in IdoBooking, we resign from integration with Przelewy24 and PayU

To provide you with a new level of convenience, we are developing a built-in and automatic processing of payment cards directly within the IdoBooking service. Thus, integrations with PayU and Przelewy24, which have fewer possibilities, e.g. no possibility to automatically charge subsequent booking instalments or process payments from OTA, seem to be unnecessary and only complicate the service. Thus, we plan to withdraw them by switching all customers to the embedded payment service (the so-called IAI Pay).

Automatic charging of cards from OTA services

First of all, the automatic charging of virtual cards from and Expedia will be introduced, the charge will be made according to the prepayment policy of the site.

The next step will be the introduction of automatic charging of virtual cards from and Expedia, which will require guests to confirm the cards they provide on the site. For security reasons, the guest will be asked to make a payment operation by your website in a widget, where they will be asked to verify their card possession. There will be a possibility to confirm the card by paying 1 EUR, as well as a possibility to pay the whole amount of the reservation immediately, so you can get paid for the reservation earlier.

Automatic card charging on your booking engine

The last step will be to introduce automatic charging of guest cards entered directly on your site in the booking engine. The charges will be made in accordance with the prepayment policy established in the price plans, which you can verify by going to the Offer -> Rate plans tab.

Money for bookings faster in your account

The introduced automation of card charging in addition to the unquestionable convenience in the process of paying the reservation for both you and your guests has an additional dimension regarding the date of payment. In case of reservations made by your website using the booking engine, the first attempt to charge the card is made 5 days before the required prepayment date set in the price plans, if the card is unsuccessful, the guest is informed about it together with information about the next attempt to charge. In case of OTA services, the first attempts to charge the card are made in accordance with the prepayment policy set in the given service. You can rest assured and automatic mechanisms will ensure that your reservation is paid for as soon as possible.

Typical payment systems do not offer such possibilities. They are used to process payments by the website, so we withdraw from supporting them for your convenience and further development of the service.

When can I start using the described novelties?

The described novelties will be gradually made available to subsequent groups of customers. We will systematically inform you about the next functionalities supported by our payment system.

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