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All IAI Pay payments and commissions for them can now be found in one place in CSC

The IAI Pay payment system, apart from the most attractive offer, is also characterized by a high level of transparency. In one place, we have collected a list of all IAI Pay payments along with detailed information on the commission. Thanks to this, you will have no doubts that you are taking advantage of the most profitable offer.

Until now, information on completed ((integrations/payments/banks |IAI Pay payments)) could be obtained from the payment list, while information on commissions was presented as aggregated fees charged on the balance. To make it easier for you to control and to make sure that you are using the most attractive offer, we have prepared a new module where you will find all information about payments made.

The new module meets the needs of customers with an individual price list, who use transparent IF ++ settlement model for IAI Pay card payments, thanks to which payments for payments are a real reflection of what fees are charged by each party to the transaction. At the same time, it makes IAI Pay one of the few payment systems where no transaction will be rejected due to its non-standard costs, which is common with other operators.

The new module can be found in CSC in Billing and invoices/ IAI Pay payments.

If you are not using the IAI Pay payment system yet, you can turn it on at any time with one click, without the need to sign an additional contract.

Check out the transparent billing model and other advantages of the IAI Pay payment system

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