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We increase security of access to the administration panel by introducing additional permissions and changes in user management

We have added new access rights to the "Offers" module (without the ability to edit rate plans) and "Customers" (only in reservation details), so you can assign a user to manage an offer only in specific locations, without key settings affecting the whole offer. From now on, user management is only possible from the Administrator role. In addition, you can define rules for user access to the panel, including access to the API, thereby taking even more care of the security of your data, also in cooperation with external companies.

New access rights for users allowing secure management of part of the offer

In Administration -> Panel Users when adding or editing a user you can assign new rights Offer (without editing rate plans settings) and Customers (only in reservation details) to allow secure management of prices for the user only in selected accommodations (assigned locations) without being able to influence sales configuration or rate plans settings that apply to the whole offer.

New password generation, panel and API access rules

From now on, when creating a new user account or wanting to change an existing password for a user, a password will be automatically generated for the user, which the user will be able to change to their own when logging in to the panel.

In the edition of the user you can specify whether he is to have access to the API, including the powers granted to the various modules and from which hosts he can log into the panel, limiting logging in for example to a specific IP address or domain.

Only users with the "Administrator" role now have access to manage panel users

Until now, a custom user with the Administration right had access to the entire Administration module, including creating new accounts and editing other users. Now, only an account with the Administrator role has access to manage users, so you can give a user administration access without worrying that they will be able to change user permissions.

We recommend that you verify the permissions of your panel users and adjust them to the new capabilities.

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