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Pay for your invoice issued by IAI with payment card, enable automatic payment of invoices and forget about manual payments

We have extended our billing system with automatic invoice payment and balance funding with a payment card, for all IdoSell and IdoBooking customers. With this change, you no longer have to remember about payments - we will do it for you.

To take advantage of this feature, when making the next payment for an invoice or charging the balance, you can enable automatic charging of the payment for our services from the connected payment card. The automatic debit will occur when the balance goes below zero for standard billing or after the invoice is issued if you receive invoices on time.

Alternatively, if for some reason you don't want as much automation, we also make the recurring payment process itself easier by allowing you to remember your card details - for subsequent payments just select the remembered card and confirm the payment.

We recommend enabling this option so that your invoices will pay for themselves without the risk of service blockade due to payment delays.

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