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Invoices for IAI services will be sent to email from now and will be much more transparent

We have prepared changes in the billing system, awaited by many IdoSell and IdoBooking clients. Invoices and proforma will be sent to an e-mail address, and not via message as it was before. Moreover, on the invoice itself, we've put a summary of what categories of services make up the invoice, and we've added a detailed list of charges for these services in the CSC.

Invoices are sent to the contact e-mail address as soon as they are issued. This address can be set in CSC > Your account > Account management.

In the body of the e-mail, you will find a link to CSC, with which you can automatically approve the invoice and download it as a PDF file without additional logging in. You can forward this e-mail to your accountant to pay the invoice.

On the second page of the invoice, we have included a summary of each group of services that make up the invoice. This summary allows you to see, for example, how much was the subscription fee, how much was the payment fee IdoPay, and how much was the shipping fee IdoSell Broker.

In addition to the summary, the CSC provides a detailed list of what charges make up the amount for a given group of services, which makes the settlements with IAI transparent. Without problems and additional questions, you are able to see what makes up a given invoice.

Go to CSC and check detailed summaries for your invoices

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