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Continuation of the expansion of the price calendar, simplification of price configuration in OTAs and advanced history of price changes

The recently introduced new price calendar has been given the ability to filter the displayed rate plan types and numerous improvements. Moreover, we have simplified the process of preparing and configuring prices in OTAs and advanced the history of price changes. This gives you even more possibilities and control over your offer in every place!

Adjusting the display of the price calendar content

In addition to improving the current display of the calendar data of price management by location and type of accommodation we have added the ability to filter the content by type of rate plans.

Still, by default all rate plans will be displayed, but additionally you will be able to filter:

  • Refundable rate plans
  • Non-refundable rate plans
  • Rate plans with a meal (functionality available soon)
  • All price plans, including unmapped ones

The new option of displaying unmapped rate plans in a given sales channel allows you to prepare an offer even before the rate plan is mapped in integration with a given service. All you need to do is to rate plan have a sales channel assigned to the service you want to prepare prices for.

You can currently map your rate plans in integration with Airbnb, but soon you will be able to map every external service yourself.

Improvements and optimizations in price updates

From now on, in the Bulk price update:

  • you can set the date range of changes faster
  • you can make a percentage increase above 100%
  • you can make a quota increase above the basic price of the day
  • you can see the changes immediately in the price calendar
  • you'll be able to enter prices better with manual price configuration

In addition, the calendar of price management has been improved by loading data, selecting cells, deleting single price exceptions, or support in mobile version.

Extensive history of price changes

Going to Offer -> Rate plans -> History of price changes you get the possibility to check the history of changes in the selected date range for a given accommodation:

  • Rate plans
  • Markups and discounts
  • Price calendar

From now on, you can verify the changes you make to Markups and discounts settings and price exceptions in price calendar'. Working with others, you will get information about who made the change, when and what change.

Configure prices and promotions in OTA

Go to Offer -> Rate plans -> Prices and promotions configuration in OTAs or Channel Manager -> Prices and promotions configuration in OTA in one place you can set fixed price rule for the service for each service, e.g. when you use one price plan and want to add a percentage increase in the amount of service commission to the base prices.

In addition, you can start taking into account ((/booking/blog/supporting percentage-first-i-last-minute-and-serg-improvements-in-integration-z-airbnb-1235327125| Last and First-minute percentage promotions in Airbnb) and check History of price configuration and promotions in OTA.

All of the above improvements are designed to maximize the efficiency of your work and reduce the time needed to customize your offer in each sales channel!

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