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IdoSell Booking Channel Manager offers an easy synchro the increasingly popular The synchronization works exactly the same way as, for example, the integration with Airbnb. 9flats is an Online Travel Agency, allowing you to book short-term accommodation, rent apartments, lodgings or hotel rooms. The company was founded in 2010 and today has over 180,000 listings in more than 100 countries.

9flats synchronization can be found in the IdoSell panel among other websites integrated via iCal - you can activate it in: Integrations/Channel Manager /Airbnb and other calendar synchronizations.

Calendar synchronization (iCal) in IdoSell Booking - Calendar synchronization (iCal) in IdoSell Booking

Adding 9flats to the current list of integrated services brings multiple benefits. The key advantage is of course increasing your distribution by activating another sales channel where you can reach new guests.

Interpreting dates in iCal files

Furthermore, along with extending our Channel Manager offer, we added a new feature allowing to accurately interpret dates of reservations. This feature can be used also in other calendar synchronizations. Depending on the type of synchronized calendar, reservations and availability locks can be imported to IdoSell Booking, automatically adding and removing 1 day from the reservation dates. We eliminated this inconsistency by allowing you to choose the right configuration for a given service. This feature has been developed as a result of different policies of interpreting the beginning and ending dates of reservations applied by various websites and calendars.

Synchronization configuration

After choosing “Other” on the list services, entering the name and assigning the synchronization colour, you need to select one of the following options:

Calendar synchronization configuration in IdoSell Booking - Calendar synchronization configuration in IdoSell Booking

Right after the first synchronization, you should check whether the booking or blocking has been imported to the IdoSell Booking calendar with proper dates. If not, we recommend changing the dates set-up.