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The benefits that Channel Manager gives you

Time saving

You manage all your bookings directly from within IdoBooking

Work automation

You increase the efficiency of your work through automation and availability of bookings in one place

Increasing distribution

Your offers are presented simultaneously on multiple sites, allowing you to reach new customers

One panel for all bookings

No need to remember multiple logins and passwords. You will find everything in one place

Minimising the risk of duplicate bookings

Availability of facilities is continuously updated, reducing the risk of so-called overbooking

Clear profit picture

You can see your profits in one place. They are broken down into specific booking sources

Integrations with booking portals

Integrate with external booking platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, TripAdvistor, Expedia or any portal you need to work with. At IdoBooking, we add new services on an ongoing basis, so you can reach new customers.

Why Channel Manager in IdoBooking?

What makes IdoBooking stand out?

Professional advice

We can help you choose the right sales channels to suit your facility

New integrations at no additional cost

The Channel Manager's offering is being expanded on an ongoing basis with new services. You can launch them at any time at no extra charge

Flexible pricing policy

You can apply a common pricing policy across all channels or set individual rates for selected partners. The choice is yours

Unlimited technical assistance

IdoBooking's specialists will guide you step-by-step through the integration process and help you configure your offerings correctly

Full control over distribution

You decide how many rooms you make available for direct sale and how many on external sites

Synchronising promotional offers

Within selected integrations you can apply your discounts on length of stay and last and first minute offers

One-click agreements with selected services

Conclude contracts and make offers available on multiple partner sites without the need for separate accounts and unnecessary paperwork

Multiple locations in one panel

With IdoBooking, you can link any number of properties, even if your offer is presented on several separate accounts on a given accommodation website

IdoBooking is recognised by and Airbnb as one of the best Channel Managers

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Frequently asked questions

How many portals can I plug into the Channel Manager?

There are no restrictions on the number of sales channels that can be connected. There is a list of available sites for integration in the panel, and in addition, using iCal files, any portal outside the catalogue can also be connected.

Is there an additional charge to connect a new channel within Channel Manager?

No, any number of booking portals can be connected under each of the available subscription plans.

What is the process of connecting booking sites with IdoBooking?

It depends on the portal and the type of connection. Most often, this is done by indicating the desire to integrate on the site side and then mapping (pairing) the rooms on the IdoBooking side and the site being connected. Once the integration is approved, our system starts sending the data to the external extranet. If you have any doubts about the connection process and the sending of data, you can count on the professional support.

How quickly does the data exchange take place?

In the case of advanced integrations such as, Airbnb or, the data exchange takes a few minutes. In the case of an iCal connection, it takes longer.

How long does it take to integrate systems?

Everything depends on the number of objects, price plans or add-ons and the service to be integrated. The mapping itself takes up to several minutes, while it takes up to several hours for support or an external service to confirm the connection, if required.

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