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Communication centre - all messages from and Airbnb and more in one IdoBooking panel

With the Communication center, you no longer have to use multiple apps to write back to your guests. Now you can handle all messages from your and Airbnb and other reservation sources directly in IdoBooking. This will save you time and energy and allow you to focus on what matters most - satisfying your customers. Meet the Communication center from IdoBooking.

Conveniently manage communication with your guests

Our Channel Manager has long enabled the synchronization of prices, restrictions and bookings from and Airbnb and other OTAs. In addition, we synced multiple discounts or markups, as well as booking lead times.

However, the communication itself was quite cumbersome and required logging into the extranets and then manually adding the arrangements in the booking notes in IdoBooking. However, this is now a thing of the past!

With our new communication center, all correspondence with your clients takes place directly in the IdoBooking panel. This means that short-term rental managers or hotel or guesthouse owners will save time and increase their productivity by no longer having to log into several platforms at once.

We are convinced that our new module will speed up your work and help you manage your business better. Use it today and see for yourself the benefits it brings!

Message handling in the IdoBooking system

A separate 'Messages' tab has been created in the IdoBooking booking system. It contains all emails automatically sent to guests from IdoBooking and, in the case of reservations from and Airbnb, also messages sent by guests. Each thread is presented in the form of a chat, with a summary of the customer and booking information, as well as a link to the details. With this feature, you can easily get an overview of the customer's situation and verify what information has already been provided. The whole module has the touch and feel of a regular mailbox. New and unread messages are additionally shown in the menu, on the reservation card and in the reservation summary presented in the calendar.

Communication with the guest in the administration panel can be carried out up to 2 weeks after the booking is completed. This gives you the opportunity to smoothly resolve any topics started, even after the customer has left. In addition, an attachment and emoticons can be added to sent messages.

Importantly, access to the module can be restricted to specific employees.

Quick reply repository

It is also possible to set up message templates to speed up the process of replying for all frequently asked questions. Each such message, together with all emails automatically sent by the system, will now be visible in the "Messages" tab. While responding to a client, you can select a quick reply from the list and instantly send it to the guest. Templates are created by simply selecting variables and entering your own content.

How can I activate the Communication center?

To enable the new option, go to the administration panel and select the tab Administration -> Communication centre -> Activate access to the Communication center.

The module costs 8 EUR net, regardless of the number of supported messages and objects. What's more, after activating the module, you can use it for free for two months and test all the possibilities. The "Messages" module can also be found at the top of the panel.

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