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Support for First and Last Minute percentage promotions and a number of improvements to integration with Airbnb

As announced we have introduced support for Last and First minute percentage promotions from the panel and numerous improvements that will allow you to quickly set the correct settings in the integration with Airbnb

New opportunities to integrate with Airbnb

Go to the 'Channel Manager' tab and then to Airbnb's details, then by selecting Operations -> Edit mapping you will see two new items in the menu - Price and promotion configuration in Airbnb and Force an update of available rooms.

Support for percentage promotions Last and First minute

To enable sending Last and First minute promotions settings from rate plans, select the option Price and promotion configuration in Airbnb and then Include promotions percentage Last and First minute of the rate plans.

Last minute promotion on Airbnb can only be valid up to 28 days before arrival. If you have a Last minute percentage promotions in rate plans over 28 days, a promotion valid up to 28 days before arrival will be sent to Airbnb.

Airbnb First minute promotion can be set to at least 30 days before arrival or only a multiple of this number.
If you already use First minute promotions in rate plans, the values sent to Airbnb will be rounded up, e.g.

  • for a range of 1-30 days before arrival at Airbnb a promotion will be sent 30 days before arrival
  • for a range of 31-60, 60 days before arrival, etc.

We especially encourage you to prepare the First minute (Early bird) promotion, which will encourage your guests to make reservations well in advance.

Force an update of available rooms

By default, rooms are updated automatically, but if, after making changes to Airbnb's rooms, you want to speed up their appearance in the integration settings, select the option 'Force an update of available rooms.

Detailed information about the integration status

We have introduced additional transparent integration statuses so that you can quickly verify its status. Moreover, in case of incorrect settings in the Airbnb panel, we detect them, inform you about necessary changes and use the link to directly redirect you to the Airbnb panel, where you can make appropriate changes.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of all the new opportunities that have recently emerged in the integration with Airbnb

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