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Set different prices for OTAs in the Price Management calendar

This new feature is available to all IdoSell Booking clients who use our Channel Manager to connect with at least one OTA. So far, you have not been able to modify the price only in OTAs (i.e. or If you wanted to modify the price, it was automatically updated in both the Booking Engine and Channel Manager. The improved Price Management calendar allows you to modify prices only in Channel Manager module, without having to update also the Booking Engine rate.

Rates visible in the OTAs Price Management calendar are the basis for calculating reservation price in the integrated channels. If you do not make any modifications in this calendar, the price sent to OTAs will be the same as the one in the rate plans. Any price modification entered in the Calendar overwrites the price set in rate plans and is automatically updated in OTAs.

We'd like to already announce that the Price Management calendar will be further developed - soon, we're going to add the feature of modifying rates for respective channels, allowing you to edit the price only for one channel (i. e. Booking. com), without making changes in all connected OTAs.

The new version of the Price Management calendar allows also for:

  • modification of a single price, as well as a bulk update for multiple offers
  • restoring original prices, set before the modification
  • accessing the price changelog

If the price is overwritten, you'll be able to see information about the original rate plan price and all additional options (like discounts) which may affect the final price. In addition, from this level, you can also modify the price in the rate plan (the change will affect all sales channels) and the overwritten price for OTA.