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New websites and new possibilities of managing them!

We have introduced a new default website template, which replaces the existing templates from the horizontal and vertical menus, additionally the portal template with filters has also been refreshed and adapted to support the new functionality.
The new, optimized web pages support a new visual editor for expanding the content on the site, supporting a new way of embedding graphics directly into the text, handling opinions on the site, highlighting offers on the home page, links to social media, our own CSS style sheet, our own favicon, or a new mechanism for building a 2-level menu.

New default webstie

We present a new default webstite template that meets the latest trends and is adjusted to the best positioning in search engines. The portal template with filters has also been refreshed and adapted to support new functionalities.

New menu and link management, supporting 2-level menu

By going to the "Your Website -> Menu and link management" tab you can easily use drag&drop to set the order in which the subpages are displayed or embed one page into the other, creating a 2-level menu. Additionally, from here you can easily move to edit a given page, which will be opened in a new tab.

How to start using new templates?

If you have currently used a template with a horizontal or vertical menu, you will automatically receive a new default template with a refreshed look and current content. If you have used a portal template with filters, you will also receive changes automatically.

However, if you are using your own, individual template and would like to transfer improvements from new business card versions, we would like to inform you that due to the above changes in the code structure, they will not be possible in a simple and quick way. The changes are so deep and extensive that we recommend a full redesign in this case. You can order such changes from us using Customer Service Centre.

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