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New price calendar presenting the current availability of accommodations!

We are well aware of the importance of efficient price management in your accommodations, so we introduce a number of improvements to the price calendar, which will give you comfort and ergonomics of work, unprecedented.

New default calendar view

The first noticeable novelty is the default calendar expansion and price presentation for the maximum number of people for each rate plan in force for the reservation item.


Intuitive navigation and editing capabilities

In case of rate plans with different prices depending on the number of people you have the possibility to display prices for a smaller number of people by clicking on the name of a given rate plan. In turn, by clicking on the name of the reservation item you can display all prices from all rate plans for any number of people.

Additionally, with the help of new icons located next to the names of rate plans and reservation items you can go directly to their edit, so you can make additional changes even faster, without the need to go to other tabs in the panel.

Presentation of the current availability of accommodations for sale

In the new calendar you will also find information about the current availability of accommodations for sale. When an item has several copies, the numerical value determines how many of them are currently available for sale.


More improvements soon

In the next few weeks we will be making further improvements in the price calendar, among other things, there will be rate plan filtering, a refreshed look of additional elements and much more. Follow our blog to keep up to date with the changes.

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