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New features in TTLock integration. Emergency codes and 6-buttons door handle

Door handle with a 6-buttons keypad and an emergency code generation mechanism for locks are new features in our reservation management system. This will make the integration with TTLock work even more smoothly. Check out what will change.

New features in TTLock integration

Emergency code generation for TTLock locks:

Forget about the stress of losing your Internet connection! With the new emergency code generation feature, even if your online handles lose internet connectivity, we'll ensure smooth reservation processing. Emergency code generation for TTLock locks is a guarantee that your guests will always access their accommodations on time.

In case the online handle is not connected to the Internet, we will automatically take the following steps:
1. We will activate the emergency offline code generation mechanism for the online lock, according to the following rules:

  • If the reservation starts in less than 48h, after one hour we will emergency generate offline code.
  • If the booking starts in more than 48h, for 5 hours the system will retry the connection every hour. In case of failure, it will generate an offline key.

2. If the reconnection fails, the system will add entries (about the errors of generating the code for TTLock and generating the offline code) to the reservation history.

Backup key

3. Display a banner with information about the code generation error in the booking preview and set the booking status "For clarification".

Support for new handle type with 6-buttons keypad

IdoBooking now supports new handles that come with a 6-digit keypad. In the panel, you can select the keyboard type of your handle (10-buttons or 6-buttons). This way you are guaranteed compatibility of the generated codes with handles that have an abbreviated keyboard.

6-digits keyboard

With us, your business goes with the times. With solutions from IdoBooking, you can offer your guests not only modernity, but also security and comfort. Experience the future of booking management with IdoBooking!

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