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New API capabilities of IdoBooking - automate stay condition management by controlling restrictions, sales availability, and prices in your own integrations.

Here are the new features in the IdoBooking API that open up exciting opportunities for developers to fully integrate with Revenue Management systems. Now, you have complete control over stay restrictions and allotment through the API interface. What's more, the latest update allows for more flexible price management, enabling you to override price modifications without the need to delete the original exceptions. Our documentation has also been expanded to support key offer parameters such as accommodation size and detailed location information. This allows you to better tailor your integrations with external applications. These changes are already available to selected customers in the 29th version of our Documentation. If you haven't seen them yet, don't worry! They will also be available on your panel starting from September 6, 2023.

Availability management via the Allotments Gateway

We have introduced an entirely new API gateway - Allotments - which allows you to control availability in selected sales channels. Additionally, the Sources method enables you to retrieve a list of sales channels where you can set availability exceptions (as well as prices).


How to use it in your Integrations via the IdoBooking API?
Thanks to the Allotments gateway, various Revenue Management programs (RMS) gain the ability to manage the number of accommodation units available in specific OTA services. This, in turn, helps limit the number of units shared with intermediaries during peak periods, maximizing the chances of direct sales.

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Length of Stay management via the Restrictions Gateway

Another gateway controlling stay conditions is the Restrictions gateway, which allows you to retrieve, set, and remove the length of stay modifications within a selected rate plan. The gateway allows you to control parameters such as open/close for arrivals and reservation length (any, specified, minimum, and multiples) directly through the API.

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Price modification changes in the Prices Gateway

The new method setExceptions available in the Prices gateway allows for more efficient price overwriting. Previously, API handling required the deletion of existing price exceptions before creating new ones. With these changes, we have reduced the number of operations to utilize a single method.

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Additional offer information available in the Public Gateway

The Parameters method in the Public gateway has been enriched with additional information, allowing you to retrieve the following location data:

  • Name
  • Street
  • Postal Code
  • Region / District
  • Country
  • Reservation Pickup Hours
  • Check-In Hours
  • Check-Out Hours
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email
  • Additional Guest Information Presented in the Booking Engine and on the Listing
  • Arrival Instructions Displayed in Email and SMS Links
  • Arrival Instructions Displayed in Messenger

Additionally, the offer method in the same gateway now allows you to retrieve information about the accommodation size.


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How to Leverage the New IdoBooking API Capabilities?

Our latest changes empower you to create advanced integrations with Revenue Management systems. With such solutions, you can maximize occupancy by automatically adjusting prices and stay conditions based on market data and historical sales results analyzed by RMS systems. This innovation grants you full control over your offers and profit maximization.

Soon, we will announce our first official RMS partner with a dedicated integration for IdoBooking clients. If you're interested in collaborating, don't wait. Contact our Technical Support Department to learn more.

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