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IdoBooking integration with TTLock. Manage electronic locks via IdoBooking panel

TTLock electronic application locks are currently one of the most popular solutions for short-term apartments. It's a great solution for people (or institutions) who value a high level of security combined with comfort of use and easy operation. Thanks to the integration with IdoBooking you'll be able to automate the whole process and manage your locks directly from the panel. Learn more about the IdoBooking integration with TTLock and see the benefits it has for your business.

Why it's worth it

Electronic locks are an incredible convenience for you and your guests. The big advantage is the high level of security and the ability to quickly program with your phone. Simply install the TTLock app.

If you need to invalidate individual access codes, you can do so easily and quickly using the code deletion procedures.

How to enable the integration?

Go to Administration / Electronic locks and enable the management of electronic locks through Integration with TTLock service.


Then go to the TTLock tab, select Add account and enter the credentials for your TTLock account.


When mapping, link your locks to specific accommodations in IdoBooking.


Note: If you are using the offline version of your locks, please note that deleting codes (even on cancelled reservations) will only be possible through the TTLock app.


Once the locks have been connected to the accommodations, the integration is ready to use. Select Generate codes for reservations to find bookings without a code and assign an existing code to them or generate a new one. Go to list of reservations if you want to check the generated codes for each reservation. The codes will be sent automatically to your guests, along with the reservation confirmation.

Learn how to start integration with TTLock

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