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IdoBooking integration with Agoda is now available. Get new guests!

Thanks to IdoBooking's integration with Agoda you can reach new guests and fill your calendar with bookings. The service has as many as 9 million regular users and 2 million page views every day. Check out the benefits of the new IdoBooking connection and use its potential!

Integration with Agoda - get new guests - Integration with Agoda - get new guests

Agoda is a booking service that was founded in 2005. Meanwhile, Agoda Homes, a portal dedicated to accommodation in flats and chalets, launched in 2017. It is now a major booking platform that is successful especially in the Southeast Asian market.

Why integrate with Agoda? Discover the top reasons why:

  • one of the largest booking sites in the world
  • 9 million regular visitors and 2 million visitors use the service daily
  • wide offer of both private accommodation and apartments for rent, as well as holiday homes and hostel beds
  • simple and clear rules of cooperation
  • 0% commission for single properties, attractive commission for multiple properties
  • assistance of consultants and constant technical support.

Integration of IdoBooking with Agoda allows you to synchronize availability and prices of your property. You gaina new and efficient source of bookings', without the risk of overbooking.

I am interested, how do I get started?

If you don't have an Agoda account yet, you can easily create a new account, create places to stay and prepare an offer on the site. Next, go to the tab in IdoBooking: Channel Manager / Agoda integration details and follow the instructions from the integration setup helper.

Once the integration is added, the IdoBooking dashboard will download all your existing bookings from the service. You will be able to manage prices and restrictions directly from the IdoBooking panel. There are no additional costs to enable the integration. Don't hesitate and add Agoda integration, increase the reach of your offer and reach millions of new guests.

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