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As part of the IdoBooking Changelog, we inform you about minor releases, updates, and changes in the IdoBooking system. Consistently, in separate blog entries, we publish project news and information about the release of major features. The following Changelog edition presents the scope of changes in the last quarter.


  • Added the feature ofcanceling Airbnb reservations directly in the IdoBooking calendar
  • Implemented the display of important connection warnings on the integration page and enhanced system security in case of technical interruptions on the Airbnb side
  • Implemented additional connection safeguards in case of unavailability of the service on the Partner's side.
  • Narrowed down the scenario for fetching availability blocks for dates blocked on Airbnb only in the case of the initial connection of the listing on a specific IdoBooking panel

Administrative Panel API

  • Added gateways for managing stay restrictions and allotment
  • Added a method to retrieve reservation sources where exceptions in allotment can be set
  • Changed the mechanism of overriding exceptions in prices and stay restrictions through the API
  • Added the ability to retrieve additional information about offers and locations

Sales Documents

  • Improved gaps occurring ininvoice numbering
  • Added record of invoice status before cancellation in the invoice history

CSV File Export

  • Improved the recording of currency values by separating numeric values and currency names into separate columns
  • Improved CSV file formatting for MS Excel

Reservation History

  • Added convenient preview of sent SMS and email messages directly in the history of a specific reservation

Bed Configuration

  • Enabled custom bed configurations without rigid validation of the number of sleeping places
  • Standardized bed naming and simplified configuration options(removed twin beds along with changing existing twin beds to single beds)

Payment Configuration

  • Improved validation of bank account numbers in countries not covered by the IBAN standard

Administrative Panel

We have implemented a mechanism to prepare for withdrawing support for functionalities that were not popular among our users and booking customers by October 1, 2023. Before making the decision to withdraw, we conducted a series of studies measuring the usage of individual functionalities and their impact on the business of IdoBooking's customers.

List of withdrawn functionalities:

  • Sets
  • First-minute amount discounts - we continue to support percentage discounts for last/first minute
  • Quota discount codes - we continue to support percentage discounts for discount codes
  • Manual currency exchange rates - we continue to support automatically updated currency exchange rates
  • Embedding Booking Engine on Facebook and Facebook Comments - embedding Booking Engine as a tab on the Facebook page is no longer supported by the Partner and does not reflect the current preferences of platform users. We recommend embedding the Reservation page link within a CTA button and encouraging reservations through the Messenger chatbot

Reservation Settlement Reports

  • Improved the display of summaries in Settlement Reports and eliminated duplicate amounts in the reservation value column
  • Added a search for owners and sorting values on location and owner lists


  • Improved sending payment request messages from the Settlement window on the Reservation Card

Email Templates

  • Templates for Bookers - Improved the presentation of prepayment terms in selected email message templates
  • Templates for Support - Included guest contact information in selected support email message templates

iCal Calendar Synchronization

  • Improved start and end times of events to match check-in and check-out times

Electronic Locks:

  • RentingLock - Updated integration according to the latest Renting Lock API version

Price Management

  • Improved the mechanism for changing prices in a pricing plan from the "Where does this price come from" function

Stay Restriction Management

  • Promotions and Packages - Improved the recording of promotion conditions in the Booking Engine to always present minimum stay conditions set at the Package level
  • Promotions and Packages - Handling the scenario where the promotional offer has less restrictive length of stay conditions than the offers in pricing plans
  • Pricing Plans - Improved the recording of stay conditions in the Booking Engine for refundable and non-refundable plans with exceptions in stay restrictions

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