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CHANGELOG IdoBooking (17.02.2023 - 13.04.2023)

As part of the IdoBooking changelog, we periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoBooking system. Invariably, we publish design news and information about the release of further functionality in separate entries. The following changelog presents the scope of changes from 17.02.2023 to 13.04.2023.

Sales configuration

  • We have introduced the option to select children under 1 year old in the configuration of children as paying guests.


  • We are slowly phasing out the ability to pay with the Polish Tourist Voucher. We have disabled the option to select payment by voucher in the Booking Engine, but left it visible as a billing method in the administration panel.


  • We have improved the configuration of packages and their booking path in Booking Engine.
  • We have improved the filtering of offers after changing the number of people in a package opened from a personalised link. Step-by-step flow chart:
    • we present the first possible date for the package,
    • after changing the number of people, we remain in the promotions tab, keeping the package highlighted,
  • We have introduced additional configuration options for embedding codes for packages on your own page - we have added the option to control which offers are presented when the Booking Engine is opened: only the selected package, or the entire package offer, but with the selected package highlighted.
  • We implemented the possibility to control the visibility of packages in Booking Engine under the "promotions" tab according to the setting "Do you want to show the package in the Widget only while it is valid?".

Booking lists

  • We have introduced improvements within the booking lists:
    • the ability to change the status of a booking from within the booking lists,
    • addition of a horizontal slider stuck to the bottom edge of the browser,
    • addition of the possibility to select the 'notes' column in the lists,
    • improved filtering of guests by first and last name,
    • support for visibility of lists: bookings awaiting card debit, bookings awaiting card confirmation,
    • improvement of the display of booking lists with a large number of columns in the PDF file,
    • introduction of warnings before downloading PDF files with too many bookings (more than 5000 bookings),
    • improved operation of date ranges after selecting the "more filters" option,
    • inclusion of the presentation of children in the number of guests.

Sales documents

  • We have introduced the option to copy the information "customer wishes to receive an invoice" to the field "customer's remarks to the booking", so that the remark is also included in the email to staff.


  • We have extended the reporting functionality:
    • Report. - enabling the check-in to be marked for all bookings starting on the current day, without changing the status to "accepted",
    • Report card - introducing the possibility of filling in the PDF with data before downloading and saving the registration card.
    • Deregistration - introduction of an analogous option to "registration". On the day of departure, marking the option "check-out" automatically changes the status of the booking to completed. If 'check-out' is not marked, bookings ending on the current day disappear from the list at 23:59.

Settlement reports

  • We have improved the counting of the VAT rate for bookings with Expedia and changed the timing of retrieving the VAT rate information (the VAT rate is updated when the report is generated, not when the booking is made).


  • We have extended the availability of the "add-on payable on site" type for add-ons: "taxes" and "additional booking costs", we have updated the properties of the "parking" add-on.


  • We have improved the meta title generation when configuring friendly links.

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