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CHANGELOG IdoBooking (01.01.2023 - 27.01.2023)

As part of the IdoBooking changelog, we will periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoBooking software. Invariably, project news and information about the release of new features will appear within separate entries. The first edition of the changelog presents the scope of changes from 01.01.2023 to 27.01.2023.


  • We have improved the process of adding new reservations with customer data by removing the requirement for the customer's phone number and/or email address.


  • We have improved the process of editing customer account data, removing the obligation to fill in invoice data.
  • We have improved saving hiding the "invoice data" section in customer data.

Availability Blockers

  • We have introduced the ability to block the availability of several accommodations at the same time in the desktop calendar.

Booking settlement reports

  • We have included payment commission values in the commission automatically charged to
  • We have improved the calculation of the decimal amount in commission rates for booking sources.
  • We have improved the calculation of commissions after a change of accommodation in a reservation coming from an external service.
  • We have introduced the ability to specify the VAT rate to be added to the commission (we have made it possible to control the net/gross value for booking commissions).
  • We have corrected the column designations and added a "Booking Value" column (which takes into account the price of accommodation and extras configured in the report).

Logging in

  • We have reduced the frequency of logging out of the app on mobile devices with browser version updates.


  • We have improved the process of entering new offers by allowing you to add locations from the Accommodation tab.
  • We have moved the "Locations" section to the Offer → Accommodations tab.

Owner's panel

  • We have improved the submission of owner reservations for users with access to single accommodation on the calendar.


  • We have improved the update of availability after Airbnb reservation cancellation.

  • We have improved the process of independently connecting the new integration.

Booking Engine

  • We have changed the presentation of crossed-out prices, excluding the scenario of calculating the price of extras included in the cost of the reservation.

The above changes will be available in all IdoBooking panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this post.

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