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IdoBooking is not only an intuitive Booking Engine and Channel Manager. The basic tool for increasing the number of bookings is a beautiful website of your hotel or property. Thanks to over a dozen years of experience and hundreds of projects created from A to Z, we guarantee comprehensive implementation of your property into the world of online sales. What is important, we do not impose any fixed solutions on you. We can create a unique website, prepare some selected graphic designs or give you a free hand to use one of the complimentary templates. You can also embed an online booking engine on your current website using ready-to-use codes.

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Key features:

  • Automatically embedded, always functional, and constantly developed Booking Engine
  • Free hosting for your hotel website
  • Full integration with your admin panel - you don't have to manually upload your offers, descriptions, photos or price list
  • Sales and technical support provided by IdoSell Team - the same specialist who participate in developing the system
  • Support of Web Developers and Graphic Designers who have several years of experience in creating professional websites
  • Reservation management, Channel Manger and website CMS in one place

3 ways to get it started

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Booking Engine on your current website

Paste ready-to-use html codes generated in IdoSell panel and start taking direct bookings from your current website

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Custom website and graphic designs

We focus on creating an individual look and putting the needs of your future guests first, while maintaining a clear layout and providing you with high-tech solutions. Remember, even before starting work, you will know the exact cost and expected date of implementation. Our specialists will ensure that the website is not only functional, but also friendly to search engines.

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Free & default templates

Without any additional charges, you can select one of our standard templates and start effective online sales straight away.

100% satisfaction with your website

No matter if you choose a standard template or order a personalized website design, we guarantee that your website'll be intuitive and guest-friendly.

While planing your website implementation, we select the right package of hours, taking into consideration your budget and guidelines. In the first place, we take care of the core features, allowing you to start taking direct online bookings and increasing your revenue. Next, we focus on individual functionalities and non-standard solutions, which we can work on within the accepted budget.

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Custom website design includes:

  • Built-in and set-up Booking Engine
  • Full-connection with OTAs via Channel Manager
  • Graphic design and website coding
  • Mobile device optimization
  • E-mail templates adjustment
  • Logo design
  • Intuitive search engine and booking options
  • Hotspot with special offers and packages
  • SEO optimization
  • Colour theme adjustments

See the full list of custom design features. Contact us to get more information and discuss the costs of implementation.


Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose one of available packages.


Without any additional charges, you can use one of standard templates with a built-in Booking Engine. This option allows you to instantly start taking direct booking from your website.

20h 599 EUR/ 499 GBP/ 799 USD

BASIC package includes 20 hours which can be used to work on small modifications in the standard template. For example, adjusting the colour themes and creating additional sections to highlight your offer and amenities on the main page.

35h / 1099 EUR/ 999 GBP/ 1399 USD

ADVANCED package includes 35 working hours of our designers and web developers. As part of it, we can create, for example, a fully personalized projects of the main page and a chosen subpage (i.e. redesign of the offer list or the card of an individual offer). Modifications can also include adjusting colour themes, personalizing the list of amenities, adjusting fonts, designing banners, logo, or reorganizing menu or gallery.

60 h / 1999 EUR/ 1899 GBP/ 2799 USD

SOPHISTICATED package includes 60 working hours of IdoSell implementation Team. Our graphic designers will work on creating 3 individual layouts - the main page and two subpages (i.e. the list of rooms and individual offer card). Thanks to these changes, your website will get a fully unique look. Our specialists will focus on matching the colour theme with your brand’s look-and-feel, adding attractive galleries, drop-down menus and adjusting information presented in the footer.

100 h / 3055 EUR/ 2675 GBP/3969 USD

Our biggest implementation package allows to truly spread your wings and create a highly-personalized project. During 100 hours available within this package, our Team can work on combining a unique graphic design with individual booking solutions.

from 100 h / individual cost estimation

This is the most advanced implementation package when it comes to both visual and technological aspects. The range of prices and services varies and is negotiated individually.

Our specialists will help you estimate the budget and adjust the scope of work.

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