Commission based model

Perfect solution for a small business - pay only when you make a profit!

Save your time and money

A one-year subscription costs only:

  • 25 EUR/GBP/USD
  • only 2% commission for online reservations

The maximum number of rooms in the commission-based model is 100. If you have more properties in your offer, you need to inquire about the individual subscription plan.

This packaged includes the full scope of our services, i.e.:

The commission is calculated from the total value of each online reservation made via the Booking Widget or one of the integrated services (integrated either as a Booking Partner or via the Channel Manager). No commission is charged for reservations added manually via the administration panel or the mobile application.

The commission based model is our default subscription type. At any point you are able to switch to a flat fee model. Just get in touch with our Sales and Customer Support Department or write us a ticket.

Sample calculation of the costs:

Direct reservation from your website:
  • Total reservation cost: 300 EUR/GBP/USD
  • Payment made via wire transfer: 50% deposit (150 EUR/GBP/USD)
  • IdoBooking commission – 2% from 300 EUR/GBP = 6 EUR/GBP/USD
  • Total cost of handling the reservation – 6 EUR/GBP/USD reservation:
  • Total reservation value: 500 EUR/GBP/USD
  • IdoBooking commission – 2% from 500 EUR/GBP/USD = 10 EUR/GBP/USD
  • Total cost of handling the reservation – 10 EUR/GBP/USD