Individual subscription plan for big properties

Do you own a big property and want to find an effective reservation system to run it like a pro? Sure you're looking for an affordable yet powerful booking technology, right? IdoBooking has the solution for you – a personalized subscription plan with an infrastructure adjusted to your needs!

Who is it for?

Our standard subscription plans (a commission-based and flat fee) are adjusted to the needs of smaller and medium properties. Limit of reservation items (i.e. rooms) in these plans equals 100. If your property is bigger, we're going to prepare a tailor-made offer with a fully dedicated infrastructure.

This is also a great solution to optimize the performance of the admin panel if you have an elaborate structure of integration, numerous panel users or simply want to use API very excessively.

How does it work?

With a dedicated infrastructure, you can swiftly manage even hundreds of reservation items in one admin panel. Don’t worry, we are going to watch over your safety and service availability. The power of your cloud and accompanying infrastructure is perfectly adjusted to your requirements. If you need a change, you can always switch back to one of the standards plans or request to power up your current one. Clients with personalized plan may also count on a higher priority of support. As a part of your individual deal, you can negotiate some customized features of system and support.

How much does it cost?

Subscription fee is calculated individually based on various factors. The predominant one is your property size. Get in touch with us to discuss the offer details. Our team is going to help you find the best solution for your company!