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We've made it possible to embed a personalized widget on Facebook fanpage

Until now, thanks to the IdoSell Booking application, the widget could be embedded on the Facebook Fanpage Booking Calendar (Widget) with the whole offer. However, it was not possible to personalize it. Thanks to it, you can adjust the displayed offer to the needs of the website as well as the need to promote a specific offer. From now on, this option is available.

With the IdoSell Booking Widget, you can easily embed the Booking Engine on your fanpage, allowing you to make bookings on any device at no extra cost.

Launching a Facebook sale will allow your guests to make online bookings using the Book Now button on your fanpage. The personalised version of the widget will allow you to present an offer tailored to your preferences.

Widget on Facebook fanpage

The new way of sharing on the fanpage personalised widget requires only logging into the IdoSell Booking panel "WIDGET/Embed the widget on Facebook" to your Facebook account, indicating the fanpage on which the offer is to be displayed and setting the option to display the offer on the widget.

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