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We're getting ready for a revolutionary change - supporting multiple rate plans on the same dates

We're happy to announce that IdoSell is getting ready to introduce major changes in the rate plans management. The first feature, which has just been released, is the possibility to create linked rate plans. It is a breakthrough moment for us, as we've been working on this project for months and, in the process, had to adjust basically every area of the system. We believe that the end product will be worth the risk.

Create linked plans based on one of your current plans

From now on, you can copy settings from one of the existing plans and generate all prices based on a fixed rule (i.e. increase or decrease the price by a chosen percentage). Thanks to this feature, you can manage rates much quicker and edit all prices in one place. Our system will automatically adjust all linked rate plans.

To quickly check your settings, you can use a new list of rate plans.

What else is going to change?

We are currently working on adding a bulk price edition in the rate plans, supporting multiple plans on the same dates, adjusting our price and restriction calendars to new features, linking meals with rate plans, optimizing the offer sorting in the Booking Engine to display the best rates, and much more.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our works.

In the last few days, we got some feedback about issues with, for example, accepting payments and editing rate plans in the system. We also got information about degraded performance of, which might have resulted in delays in sending data. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by us or one of the partners. At the moment, all functionalities should be fully operational.