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We have launched the Q&A system - a place to discuss and exchange knowledge for our customers

We are pleased to introduce you to Q&A service - a system that was created especially for our customers, in gratitude for the last 20 years of cooperation. It is a site with questions and answers, which is supposed to be a place for discussion and exchange of knowledge between users of IdoSell, IdoBooking and IAI support services. For us it is another opportunity to listen to your voice.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of IAI we have prepared for you a symbolic birthday present. The Q&A service, because it's about it, is a place where you can ask questions to other users, our experts and gain knowledge on numerous topics. The system is a better alternative to the currently existing group on Facebook. Why? Well, in the search for answers to your questions, apart in addition to other IAI clients, our employees will also help, who will follow the website on an ongoing basis and actively participate in ongoing discussions. In addition, this service allows you to gain knowledge about a given case faster. This is possible thanks to categorized and tagged questions - with the help of a search engine you will easily find the answer to a question already asked.

The system is available separately for both IAI services:

Two language versions are available for each of these systems - Polish and English. You will be logged in to Q&A in the language version you are currently using on our company website.

Registration and logging in

To use the Q2A system, you don't have to create a new account - all you need is to be an IAI client. You can log on to the Q&A page with the same account you log on to the company website You can visit Q&A if you are:

We invite you to visit the Q2A service now and to actively participate in the discussions.