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We have introduced the service of city tax - a new type of extra charge calculated depending on the age category of guests

Climate tax as a local fee can be levied by cities with favorable climatic characteristics, scenic qualities and conditions that make it possible for people to stay for these purposes of tourism, recreation or training. Some of the localities have fees depending on the age category of guests, a new addition will allow you to handle them efficiently.

New feature, more possibilities

Until now the extra 'fee per person' was used to calculate city tax, but it did not distinguish age of persons - one rate was calculated for adults and older children, and it did not take into account young children (infants).

Now going to Offer -> Extra services tab you can add a new one extra of the type city tax on persons of different age, choose for which age category and accommodation it should be valid and set its price.

You can set the age categories for older and young children in Offer -> Sales Configuration.

In Booking Engine city tax on persons of different age will be a mandatory additional cost to be borne by the booker. When you make a booking based on the people selection, the appropriate number of extras in the age category will be automatically added.

City tax support for reservations from external services

External sites do not support payment of city tax on their side. However, when taking reservations from OTAs that provide information on the number of older children and young children -, Airbnb, or you can add new extras to the to the price retrieved from service . This will automatically add the appropriate extras depending on the age of the people in the reservation, making it easier for you to account for them:

You can make the above settings via Channel Manager -> Details of integration with selected service -> Operations -> Mapping tab.

In the future, whenever possible, we will support the new type of extras in more external services to make your daily work easier by relieving you from having to add them yourself.

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