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We have introduced the ability to import data from Airbnb, integration has never been so easy!

We've simplified the Airbnb integration and introduced a data importer that will allow you to download Airbnb listings directly into your IdoBooking dashboard with just a few clicks

What do I get?

Until now, having an Airbnb listing required a separate configuration of the listing on the IdoBooking panel. You had to create your accommodations, rate plans, and stay restrictions, and then link them to those on the Airbnb.

Now you can download all the above information directly from Airbnb and automatically create an integration for new properties in IdoBooking.

Using the data importer to integrate with Airbnb

By going to the Channel Manager tab in Airbnb integration details adding a new property for Airbnb integration, you will be automatically guided through all the steps.

After connecting your Airbnb account, you will be taken to the Importer' where you can select accommodations to import.

After importing the data, you will receive a summary of the accommodations downloaded, prices, or stay restrictions.
Once verified, just publish Airbnb listing and all the data from your IdoBooking panel will be valid on the Airbnb site.

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