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Two-way API integration with Airbnb is available via IdoSell Booking Channel Manager

Airbnb is an accommodation marketplace that provides guests access to 6+ million unique places to stay in 100,000+ cities and 191 countries and regions. Thanks to the integration with IdoSell Channel Manager, you can easily manage reservations from Airbnb in real-time and increase your revenue.

We are happy to announce that IdoSell has successfully passed the Airbnb certification process. Integration is now available in the beta mode, meaning that IdoSell Support will assist first clients with onboarding their properties. In the meantime, we are finishing adjusting our interface to provide fully self-managed integration process.

What are the benefits of connecting IdoSell with Airbnb?

  • central availability and price management via IdoSell panel
  • automatic, real-time sync of reservations from Airbnb
  • full offer distribution without the risk of overbooking
  • higher revenue thanks to multi-channel sales

If you want to enable this advanced integration, please contact IdoSell Support. Our Team will take you through steps necessary to activate the connection.

Thanks to our brand new Channel Manager connection with Airbnb, you will get full control over reservations and availability.

Switching from iCal sync to the advanced connection

If you already sync with Airbnb via iCal, you don't have to worry about making any adjustments:

  • all reservations synced via iCal will be replaced by reservations retrieved via API,
  • integration via iCal will be automatically disconnected, both in IdoSell Booking and Airbnb.

Further plans related to switching properties from iCal sync to the API connection

From December 1, 2019, to maintain the highest level of security in processing Personal Data, Airbnb will stop including guest information via iCal. We strongly recommend switching to integration via API to continue syncing full details.