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Streamline calendar work by quickly converting blocks into bookings

The day-to-day work with the calendar is related to the ongoing addition of bookings, blockades or offers. Blockades also underpin some of the integrations within Channel Manager. Although availability is blocked once they have been added, they do not provide the opportunity to use many useful tools. With the introduction of a new feature - quickly turning blockades into bookings - this problem will disappear.

Streamline calendar work by quickly converting blocks into bookings

The IdoBooking booking calendar gives you the ability to enter bookings, offers and availability blocks. The first two options allow the customer's contact details to be added, additions to be entered, and show the price for the service and the guest's current billing status. For blocks, on the other hand, only notes with summary information can be entered. Furthermore, the system does not store their history, which means that when the last day is up, they disappear from the system. In addition, blockades are not listed in arrival/departure lists or analyses. If some of the blockades, in fact, close the availability for specific guests, deleting the data can be a significant setback for the accommodation facility. To make your work more efficient, we have introduced a function that will allow you to convert a block into a booking with literally a few clicks.

Turning a block into a booking step by step

To convert a block into a booking, go to the calendar. The conversion is performed in the same way for both blockades added by users and those downloaded as part of an iCal connection. Click on the blockade and then select the option "change to booking or offer".

In the next step, a window will appear for you to complete the customer details and conditions. Once you have saved the changes, the entire booking or offer card will open, where you can make further adjustments, or send a message to the guest with a deposit request or summary.

When to convert a block into a booking

Converting a block into a booking is necessary when you expect the guest to make an online payment through the system. In addition, once converted, the order will be visible in the panel at all times. This means that the information contained therein will be part of the analyses and billing being prepared. Blocks are not recorded, on any statements, nor can a cleaning person be assigned within the housekeeping module. In summary, when you have a service connected via Channel Manager using iCal files, it is worth turning incoming blockades into bookings, in order for the various panel tools to work correctly and for convenient billing to be analysed effectively. For those blockers that are manually added in the panel, the conversion depends on the purpose of the blocker.

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