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Settle booking deposits easily and quickly. Improvements in IdoBooking panel

Booking payments have never been so easy. Now you can quickly and intuitively mark completed payments in the panel. Additionally, you can send payment requests via Booking Engine, which supports BLIK and Pay-By-Link quick transfers, among others. You can also allow your guests to pay via Booking Engine, directly from their device.

New ways to add payments to your reservation

From now on, you can choose one of three ways to pay for bookings at your property:

  • Made outside the Booking Engine - mark in billing payments that your guests have made by credit card through a terminal, cash, bank transfer, or Polish tourist voucher
  • Sending a payment request via Booking Engine to the guest's e-mail address - the guest in the e-mail will receive a link that automatically logs into the Booking Engine. There he will be able to make a deposit in supported payment forms BLIK, Pay-By-Link quick transfer, payment card, or PayPal.
  • Allow payment directly on your device by guest - when you select this option, a Booking Engine payment form will be displayed on your device (e.g. tablet). Once you have made your device available to the guest, the guest will be able to make payment in any form.


Take advantage of new opportunities to conveniently and quickly settle bookings according to your guests' preferences.

If you don't see any changes to booking billing support in your panel, it means you don't have access to the new functionality yet. Don't worry, this will change within two weeks and the changes will be available to you as well.

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