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IdoBooking - full integration of IdoBooking with a popular booking portal

Customers of the IdoBooking booking system have gained the ability to simultaneously present their offers on two portals: and All thanks to the merger of Szallas Group and Wirtualna Polska Holding, owners of both portals. - full integration of IdoBooking with a popular booking portal - - full integration of IdoBooking with a popular booking portal

Large investment by Polish company

Szallas Group is a Hungarian company with four main portals with online accommodation search and booking capabilities. The company operated primarily in the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia and Poland. At the moment, the offer (which serves the Polish market), has over 75,000 accommodation facilities. Wirtualna Polska Holding, on the other hand, is the owner of the native brand - This service aggregates accommodation, but in an advertising business model. Thanks to the merger, the concept has been changed and guests will be able to make bookings and payments online from the website.

Good news for IdoBooking customers

The merger of the two companies and the exchange of knowledge and experience in gaining online bookings from tourists is of great value to our customers. At the start, almost all advertisements found on or, will be presented on both portals at the same time. And all this without additional charges. Thanks to this solution, the accommodation offer will reach a much larger number of potential guests, which increases the chances of conversion. That's not all - the ads presented at will gain the possibility of full synchronisation of prices, bookings and availability in connection with the IdoBooking channel manager.

How to launch the integration in the administration panel?

Customers who have so far only published their offer on the portal do not have to change anything. Their accommodation facilities will also automatically appear on

In the opposite case, you need to go to the IdoBooking admin panel, select the Channel Manager -> kft. (,,, Nocowanie. pl, tab, click on details and, after entering your customer number, start mapping rooms.

Importantly, the condition for selling bookings on both platforms at the same time is accounting with in the commission model. Details can be found at portal. When using a subscription and wishing to make an advanced integration, contact the portal's Support Department.

The IdoBooking booking system after launching synchronisation will send the same rates, restrictions and availability to both and

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