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New WYSIWYG visual editor

In the IdoSell panel we added a new version of the WYSIWYG editor for building content. The new editor allows you to easily manage sections (change their order, add and remove them) and add photos for pages and blogs

New WYSIWYG visual editor

The new editor allows you to embed graphics directly into the text, you no longer need to link graphics on external websites. In addition, it allows for different layouts for building content using the "home page", "subpages" and "news and blog" sections.

Backwards compatibility

The new editor is backward compatible, which means that your existing descriptions do not need to be interfered with and will be edited by default with a new, easier editor. Your existing content will be saved as HTML, if you want to expand it, just add a new section in the editor. You can also build content from scratch using the new editor.

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