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New tools to improve bookings in the booking engine and on the website

We have introduced a package of changes for the website and the booking engine. Thanks to them, you can better present your offer and increase sales. The new calendar allows you to filter accommodation individually by amenities and price range. In addition, visitors will receive suggestions for similar offers on the property card.

New way to choose dates in the calendar

On the business card page and in the booking engine, we have introduced a faster and more intuitive calendar, making it easier for your guests to choose their dates. Moreover, on your business card, your guests will be able to verify the availability of a particular accommodation unit.

Select number of visible filters

Go to Business Card / Site Configuration / Accommodation Filtering and select which of your accommodation facilities you want to see displayed on the site. This option is only available in Portal template with filters.

Moreover, both on your business card and in the booking engine we have introduced the possibility of sorting offers by price. From now on your guests can indicate a range of rates they wish to spend on accommodation. This option is available in the search by price for the entire stay and by price per person. This feature will significantly speed up finding the perfect place for your guests and thus increase your conversion rate.

Featured and suggested accommodation offers

Go to Business Card / Site Configuration / Featured Offers and decide where the specially prepared sections should be located on your site. You can choose from:

  • Home page
  • Places to stay
  • Custom subpages
  • News / Blog

In each of the above mentioned places, you can personalize the featured offers area. Decide on the section title, position relative to the content (top, bottom of the page), as well as the choice of presented rooms.

In addition, at the bottom of the sub-page of the accommodation selected by the guest, there is a section of proposed offers. This is a place which presents other rooms from your base. They are similar to the one the guest is currently browsing. Thanks to this solution your client will find the ideal accommodation faster.

This is not the end of innovations

These are not all the changes we have introduced. With the aim of increasing the number of bookings made directly on your website, we have added a number of improvements related to promotion and the intuitiveness of the process. Here are some of them:

  • managing the order in which packages are displayed on the site. Go to Offer / Packages, discounts and discounts, then Manage display order and set the order in which you want the promotional package boxes to be presented on your site
  • Simple domain verification for the Facebook Pixel. Go to Social Media / Facebook Domain Verification by meta tag and follow the instructions to verify your domain in Facebook Company Manager
  • inclusion of obligatory add-ons to the presentation of prices on the Business Card
  • the option to configure the dates for the presentation of prices on the Business Card. Go to Business Card / Business Card Configuration and set the time period
  • adjust the colour scheme in the booking engine. To edit, go to Administration / Widget, email and business card colour scheme tab and select CSS stylesheet
  • login with Facebook, PayPal or Google account.

(Learn more about the business card page from IdoBooking

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