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New opportunities for your guests - early, late check-in and late check-out

From now on, you can offer your guests the possibility of early check-in, late check-out and late check-out outside of the default time limits of the location.

Extended check-in and check-out hours

Default check-in and check-out hours can be set in the details of the selected location via the tab Administration -> Company details and policies.

From now on you have the possibility to extend these hours with new extras:

  • Early check-in
  • Late check-in
  • Late check-out

You can create the above extras by going to the Offer -> Extra services tab, specifying, among other things, their type, the range of hours they are to apply and the price.


Support for new extras in Booking Engine (Widget) on your site

In the summary of the reservation, when choosing the Planned arrival and departure time your guests will be able to choose standard or extended hours, according to the extras settings. When choosing the extended hours, the pre-established price of the extras will be added to the total cost of the reservation.


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