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New mapping of rate plans in Airbnb by offer type and removal of old integration by iCal files

We have introduced an additional way of mapping rate plans in the integration with Airbnb, following the example of integration. From now on, you have the choice of whether you want to use a dedicated rate plan for integration or whether you want to use multiple existing rate plans for Airbnb integration. In addition, 5.11.2020 will remove the old way of integrating Airbnb with iCal files.

New plan mapping by offer type

Until now, for the purposes of integration with Airbnb, it was necessary to use one dedicated rate plan with the sales channel Airbnb. Now you have the opportunity to use your existing multiple rate plans by selecting the additional sales channel Airbnb and selecting mapping by offer type (an offer will be sent to Airbnb from all rate plans with the chosen maneuverability).

To use the new mapping option, you only need to have at least one rate plan with the Airbnb channel assigned on a single date.

Additional functionality currently supported in Airbnb integration via API

  • Managing additional fees and cleaning fee in Airbnb directly from the IdoSell panel
  • Possibility of controlling the lead time of the reservation, i.e. the time when the booking can be made with accuracy to the selected hour via the tab Administration -> Booking flow management
  • Discount service from the length of reservation
  • Handling of reservation length up to 31 days
  • Sending availability up to 18 months ahead.

Further news to come soon

  • Support for First and Last Minute percentage promotions.
  • Additional improvements in the process of creating the integration, detection of errors in it and suggested solutions that you can apply.

We remove Airbnb integration by iCal files

On 5.11.2020, all Airbnb integrations by iCal files, based on the current url, will be replaced by a regular iCal integration. All unfinished bookings from the Airbnb integration by iCal files will be canceled, and appropriate locks will be created instead.

If you don't want to lose the reservations made through the Airbnb integration by iCal files, we suggest using the integration via API.

How to connect with Airbnb via IdoSell?

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