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New calendars for price management, restrictions and allotment adapted to multiple rate plans

Another step which takes us closer to implement multiple rate plans on the same dates is the adjustment of calendars for price management, restrictions and allotment.

In addition to displaying multiple rate plans, the new calendars have been further improved. You get the most important information with the collapsed view of individual rooms, which significantly speeds up the loading time.

In the price management calendar, we added color indicators to show which rate plans are available on a given date.

In the collapsed view of the restrictions and allotment calendar, we present restrictions on a given day if they are consistent in all rate plans. When you have various restrictions, we present an asterisk. After expanding a selected room, you can check the restrictions in all rate plans assigned to the room.

Moreover, we improved navigation in the new calendars, allowing you to quickly switch to the next days without having to select a date. All these changes will let you efficiently manage the offer with multiple rate plans on the same date. This feature will be available in the upcoming updates of the system.

If you use only one rate plan at time, you can switch to the old calendar view. However, if you start using multiple rate plans in the future, you will not be able to return to the old calendar view. In the future, only new versions of calendars will be developed and supported, so you should start using them today.