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New Availability lock Management Features in IdoBooking - Availability Locks List and Removal of Storage Limit

We are pleased to inform you about improvements in managing Availability Locks in our IdoBooking reservation system!


How it looked before?

  • Availability locks were automatically removed from the calendar 30 days after the end date of the lock.
  • There was a lack of a central place to verify all locks and review historical data.

What has changed?

  • Now, availability locks will never be removed from the calendar.
  • We have introduced a new tab - Availability restrictions - where all availability locks are displayed in the order they were added. You can find it in the Reservation List module.

Why is this important?

These improvements allow:

  • Easy verification of historical operations and analysis of changes made by employees
  • Quick review of reservations added as part of iCal synchronization
  • You will also not miss any notes with information about the property or reservations that were included in the locks

Configuration of the Availability Restrictions List:

If the Availability Restrictions List is not visible in your panel, simply go to the configuration of the Reservation List view and select the appropriate column. If you want to add a Notes view, mark it in the Column Configuration section.

What else will change?

Responding to your suggestions, we will add a permanent column to the Availability Restrictions with the name of the user who added the block.

Thank you for your continuous feedback, which helps us improve IdoBooking. We hope that these changes will further streamline your work and reservation management.

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