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Manage prices in a new dedicated calendar

So far, you could view and edit prices in single dates directly via the Reservation Calendar, using the “Show prices” feature. With our new Price Management Calendar, you can easily manage prices in chosen dates and quickly modify multiple positions at once.

The Show prices feature, which was available in the Reservation Calendar, has been moved to a brand new Price Management Calendar, enabling you to edit prices in chosen dates after selecting option "Manage prices in rate plans." In the near future, we will be developing the Price Manageent Calendar to allow modifying prices in more specific channels, i.e. in all OTAs or exclusively in At the moment, all channels are already visible on the list, however, you cannot yet select these options.

Thanks to our new Price Management Calendar, you can easily overview all prices, including occupancy based rates, and, more importantly,simultaneously edit multiple prices in various reservation items over chosen dates.

Using Price changelog, visible after hovering over a particular cell, you can overview and modify price in the whole rate plan (i.e. in all dates which are assigned to this particular rate plan) or edit an already overwritten price.

Prices shown in the Price Management Calendar in the rate plans tab are used as the basis for calculating prices in individual sales channels. Any newly overwritten price is automatically sent to appropriate channels.