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How do I improve my listing? Check out tips from Airbnb and attract new guests

The winter holiday season is on and you don't have a full calendar? Find out how you can improve your situation and what you should keep in mind when creating and publishing your offers. Good photos or developing your offer with additional amenities can be crucial. We recommend tips from IdoBooking' partner - Airbnb.

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Top tips from Airbnb:

  • Post current and attractive photos of your property. You may want to outsource professional photos to a professional photographer. This is one of the most important ways to entice your guests.
  • Make use of your guests' reviews. The good ones will promote your venue and its assets, and the bad ones will tell you what you need to improve.
  • Remember to offer a competitive price. Regularly update your offer so that it is attractive and in line with market prices.

A significant factor in your success in the short-term rental market is to constantly update your offer. Keep highlighting the attractive amenities of your properties, communicating changes and encouraging new guests to book. Not sure where to start? Check out tips from Airbnb, a global reservation service with which IdoBooking has an integration.

Make yourself stand out with attractive photos

The most significant element of an offer are the photos. As a rule, visitors do not read descriptions in detail, they often start their search by looking at photos and assessing several factors. What counts? If your property has recently undergone renovations, new amenities or decorations, brag about it and invest in new photos. This will definitely get your guests' attention. And what should the photos be like? What exactly should you keep in mind? Check out some specific tips:

  • Make sure you have an attractive main photo. It is this picture that your guests see first. That's why it should be the best
  • Add a short description of the photo. From the brief information below the photos, visitors can learn many important things about your property. What can you include in a photo description? For example, information about whether there is a king size bed in the master bedroom, whether there is a coffee machine in the kitchen, whether spices, coffee and tea are available.
  • Invest in a professional photographer. Well taken photos will cost you money, but such an investment pays for itself quickly. Consider commissioning a photo shoot of your properties and thus attract the attention of your guests.
  • Airbnb also recommends taking photos on your own. It's a given that you'll commission a professional shoot from time to time, such as when you're making big changes or renovating. But to keep your listing upgraded, there are many ways you can take photos with your smartphone. Check out Airbnb photography tips and learn how to take great photos yourself.

Memorise the detailed description

Your listing description should always be detailed, accurate, and up-to-date. According to Airbnb - for example, if you no longer offer your guest free entry to a public pool, remove any information about that from the listing.

  • Clear and understandable overview. Remember that it's hard to hold a potential customer's attention for any length of time. Ensure that the description mainly includes the most important information and focus on what guests care about most.
  • Show how you welcome guests. Airbnb encourages you to make yourself known to guests in your listing. Show what kind of host you are and what you do on a daily basis.
  • Customize your language to match your guest's profile.'' Who books the most nights at your property? Consider whether it's families with children or business travellers. Tailor the language of your descriptions to the type of guests and prioritise the amenities that are most important to this group (e.g. playground or fast wi-fi)

Add new facilities

Make use of your guests' comments and feedback. Didn't have a hairdryer in your property? Or was there no electric kettle? Make use of these comments and complete your home's amenities. Remember to update the list of amenities in your property description later. Here's a list of some of the most requested amenities according to Airbnb:

  • self check-in.
  • free parking
  • wi-fi
  • TV
  • heater and air conditioner.
  • hairdryer
  • breakfast

Check your prices

Keep track of what's happening in the market and keep your prices competitive. If you are a new host, compare prices from your competitors and start by offering special offers and a rate at an attractive level. Later, after receiving positive reviews, you may want to consider re-setting your price.

Position in the Airbnb search engine

Over 100 factors in Airbnb determine which listing is displayed higher in search results. For example, to improve your position, Airbnb encourages you to turn on the instant booking option, to accept more bookings, to respond quickly to messages. Of course, positive reviews are important.

Use guest reviews

Both good and bad - guest reviews are a valuable source of knowledge about your business. As Airbnb points out - if guests liked your terrace, use that knowledge and show it in photos. You may also find, for example, that guests were expecting easier access from the airport. If you can add a detailed description of the journey or put them in touch with local drivers who can drive them safely, there's a better chance they'll get exactly what they expected before they arrived.

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge you have through comments and reviews and improve your place. It's a simple way to gain more bookings, positive reviews and a happy stay.

Integration with Airbnb

This text was written in partnership with Airbnb.

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