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Brand new IdoSell mobile app for smartphones and tablets

There's a brand new IdoSell mobile app available in AppStore and Google Play. In addition to advanced reservation management tools, the app allows you to use most of the features available in the desktop version of the admin panel.

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are used not only to check e-mails and messages, but more and more often, they serve as a platform to manage your business. The app has been created to facilitate access to the increasingly popular mobile management solutions. Thanks to the app, you reduce your dependence on computer and make your work more effective.

IdoSell Booking Mobile App - IdoSell Booking Mobile App

What does the app allow for and how does it work?

Our main goal was to create an app which allows performing the same operations as in the new responsive admin panel. However, it also offers a few extra features:

  • You can manage the admin panel without having to login via the web browser. The app remembers the last viewed page, as well as your password.
  • The interface is based on the mobile version of the admin panel which allows us to immediately include all the new features also in the app. Thanks to it, we can speed up our service development by introducing all new features at once.
  • The mobile application has been created in way which ensures the highest safety standards.
  • The new dedicated IdoSell Booking application is available via AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android).


We encourage you to update the application now. As we stop supporting the previous version, you may encounter more and more problems if you keep on using it. Eventually, it will be impossible to properly operate on the outdated version.