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A revolution in technical support. We are moving towards audio and video conversations with our support department directly from the web browser

In the CSC panel you will find a new "Support" module, which is the successor to our ticket system and telephone helpline. "Support" introduces audio, video and text communication from the browser level as part of one, intuitive tool for gaining support for IdoSell Shop and IdoSell Booking clients. Thanks to this, contact with our support department becomes as friendly and functional as never before. A revolutionary change is choosing the topic of conversation and connecting, as in the case of tickets, directly with an expert in a given field. As a result, you get the most accurate solution to your questions as soon as possible. You can also share the view of your browser with one click, thanks to which the conversation with a consultant is more like a meeting at a table than a traditional helpline.

Up to now, you could have sent us ticket or call a traditional helpline. Thanks to the module Support you will contact our support department from the browser level via a video, audio or traditional ticket. After selecting the topic you will be able to decide if you want to wait for an audio call, video (if it is available in a given topic) or if you prefer to write a ticket.

Some information why we have decided to do this:

  • from the level of the browser you will always have easy access to the administration panel of the service, so much it will be easier for us to help you when you have a problem
  • starting the conversation we will not waste time identifying, because our system will determine who contacts us
  • thanks to the introduction of conversations topics similar to those in the ticket system, you will have certainty that your case will be handled by an appropriate specialist
  • in the near future we plan to expand video communication with the screen sharing option, thanks to which our help will be even more effective.

Using the module "Support" 'does not require any specialized software or device - you just need a modern browser and for audio connections, and for a video connection a webcam. In addition, the 'Support module gained a nicer interface. Also, the same messages and notes from telephone conversations have been rebuilt, which you will find in one rebuilt view. Thanks to this, you determine the topic of the conversation first to see if the genius in a given field is at work. If so, you can talk to him or write a message. You can see who is an expert in a given field or who is replacing this person. If a person is not present, you can leave a message in the form of a ticket and they will contact to you as soon as possible.

In the following weeks, we want to expand the module with, among others:

  • the screen sharing mentioned above,
  • the opportunity to contact PREMIUM support
  • conversation in a ticket with the person responsible for it
  • we will try to get the new "Support" module in BOK in the IdoSell Shop and IdoSell Booking panels as soon as possible, thanks to which you will be able to contact us directly from your administration panel. Currently, this option is only after logging into the CSC from the company website

At the beginning we provide audio communication in several selected topics, which we will try to gradually expand. This is, of course, the test phase and in case of problems, please contact us via the telephone helpline. Ultimately (probably in a few months when everything will be fine-tuned in the smallest details), contact with our specialists from the support department will be possible only in a new way.

Technical notes:

  1. For now, the new module is available only after logging in to the company website. We are already working on the fact that in the case of CSC called in the panel, this function was also available.
  2. Video and audio communication is only available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. In the case of Safari, there are severe restrictions on the availability of some of the web communication features. Therefore, we will provide full support for this browser in the future.