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We introduced the ability to send messages via Airbnb Messenger

From now on, key booking information such as directions or the code to open a door with an electrical lock will be sent automatically to your guests in Airbnb Messenger from IdoBooking.

How do I start sending messages through Airbnb?

If you already have an integration with Airbnb then go to Channel Manager then in the details from the Airbnb integration, follow the links to grant additional permissions for IdoBooking to support new messaging templates.

By adding a new Airbnb property, you will immediately be asked for all the necessary permissions to send messages through Airbnb Messenger.

Airbnb Messenger templates

By going to Administration / Templates of sent messages under Reservations made via Channel Manager you can change the default content for 3 new Airbnb Messenger templates:

  • Current reservation status - sent when click on button in reservation,
  • Directions and reservation summary - sent when the reservation is accepted. The day before the guest's arrival, or in the case of a reservation for today, on the day the reservation is made,
  • The code and instructions for opening the electronic lock - sent automatically the day before the guest's arrival or, in the case of a reservation for today or tomorrow, on the day the reservation is made.

Airbnb Messenger allows you to send text-only messages without additional formatting, so make sure you have the proper text for your directions on the edit page of each locations so that it can be sent through messenger.

The future of communicating with Airbnb guests

Note: Airbnb plans to discontinue email aliases for guest messaging altogether. Please ensure that you are already supporting instant messaging templates that will be read by your guests directly on the Airbnb site.

Right now, you can communicate with your guests using both Messenger and the email messages you've been sending.

We plan to expand on Airbnb Messenger by introducing additional auto-sending message templates and full chat support for guests directly from within IdoBooking. Be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date on new features.

Learn more about message templates

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