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Travel trends in 2022. How will we travel? Check what will change

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected and continues to affect the travel industry. Constantly changing restrictions, new sanitation rules, changing travel destinations - these are just some of the situations that have arisen over the years. What will travel look like in 2022? Check out the breakdown of the eight most important travel trends in 2022.

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Property owners and managers have learned to quickly adapt their offerings to the ever-changing strictures. What has already changed, and which direction is travel heading in 2022? Check out the tips from IdoBooking.

1. We're travelling closer

The pandemic has caused a marked shift in travelers' preferences and destinations. Each country introduces its own restrictions on open/closed borders, vaccine certificates, availability of facilities we want to visit or openness of beaches. Due to the dynamic changes (countries often introduce new restrictions overnight), tourists are increasingly choosing to spend their holidays in their own country. This is how the trend for local tourism has developed.

Where are we most willing to go in Poland? Facilities that allow both sightseeing and relaxation are becoming increasingly popular. That is why in 2022 tourists will also bet on tourism to locations where they can safely reach by car, and that is where they will look for places worth seeing and attractive accommodation.

Small places, without crowds

Smaller and unknown destinations are more and more willingly chosen by tourists. We travel to places on the sidelines, where we find peace and quiet and a respite from difficult times and pandemics. An unquestionable advantage of intimate tourism is a small number of tourists who surround us. Therefore, agritourism and cottages or flats in secluded places will be a frequent destination in 2022.

We travel with pets

The pandemic and the large amount of time spent at home have caused quite a few people to take in pets. Therefore, places that accept four-legged animals are very popular. It often happens that a group of friends travel together to one flat and one of the guests has a dog. Then only accommodation that accepts animals comes into play.

The 'pets accepted' filter has become increasingly popular on booking sites. Even the higher price per room does not deter dog and cat owners. More and more establishments are changing their profile to 'pet friendly'.

Travelling in smaller groups

Before the pandemic, travelling in larger groups - both privately and for business - was popular in tourism. For the past two years, flat managers have recorded mainly bookings of one or more people. In 2022, this trend will not change.

Some facilities, such as multi-bedroom houses, which were previously tailored to large groups of several people, have now divided their space into several independent flats.

We travel consciously

More and more tourists are opting for sustainable travel. Not only are they giving up transport, which leaves a large carbon footprint behind. They also want accommodation places to have an eco-friendly philosophy.

To meet these expectations, segregate your rubbish, reduce the use of plastic in your accommodation (single-use cosmetic products or crockery in plastic packaging are becoming a thing of the past), don't waste food, save water, use green energy and take care of animals. Flats, hotels and guesthouses that follow the rules of conscious travel and boast about it will certainly gain a lot in 2022.

Mobile bookings

The majority of bookings are made from mobile phones or tablets. This will not change in 2022 either. This trend has already developed to such an extent that some hosts are offering special, lower rates, just for mobile bookings.

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Take care of security

Flat owners and managers are increasingly realising that safety and cleanliness are some of the most important factors when it comes to booking a place. Therefore, try to follow the covid strictures as closely as possible.

This will certainly be appreciated by your guests. Many tourists are looking for places that are not only clean, pretty and tidy, but above all where they are not threatened by a virus. Despite the fact that we have already become accustomed to pandemics, in 2022 tourists will choose places that clearly and accurately show what safety features they have in place. It's not just about hand disinfection, but also, among other things, changing bed linen more often, disinfecting corridors, restrictions in communal spaces or contactless paperwork.

Working remotely

The time of the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that remote working can be just as effective as working in an office. However, a home office in your own house or flat is tiring in the long run. This is where an opportunity has arisen for short-term hosts. Many of them started to equip rooms in their flats and hotels with desks, good chairs and made sure they had fast wi-fi. This is how the trend for tourism combined with the possibility of remote working came about. This allows potential guests to combine travel and leisure with their daily work away from home. Some booking services have even included filtering in their offer, which helps tourists to find remote work-friendly facilities.

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