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How did we travel in 2021? Check out the recap from IdoBooking

In 2021 the pandemic has unfortunately still not left us, but in tourism this year can be described as a tourism thaw. Not only did hosts have to adjust to the new normal, but they also had to make up for the losses of 2020. How does 2021 look in numbers? How has the short-term rental market changed? You will find out in the article below.

According to IdoBooking, property managers have primarily had to deal with changes in tourist trends. The most important and noticeable change was the change in tourists' preferences regarding the places they chose for their holidays. They were much more eager to go to Poland than abroad. This is evidenced, among others, by the number of transactions in the IdoBooking system, in 2021 there were over 290 thousand of them. This is about 40 percent more than in the same period in 2020

Explore travel trends in 2022

The financial situation of entrepreneurs who deal with short-term rentals is also significantly better. The value of bookings made by IdoBooking in 2021 exceeded PLN 235 million. This is as much as 76 per cent more than in 2020.

Where are we most likely to travel to in Poland? Facilities that allow both sightseeing and relaxation are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, in 2022, tourists will also bet on travelling to locations where they can safely reach by car, and it is here that they will look for places worth seeing and attractive accommodation.

Poles travelled not only during winter holidays and holidays. We decided to travel also in the low season - autumn and spring. The most popular among tourists in 2021 were flats and private accommodation.

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